Program Structures

Students succeed in our individual 1-to-1 teaching structure as well as within collaborative group learning sessions.



1-to-1 Teaching

With all of the benefits of our program, we are able to create and intensive environment for improving how our students understand their material and for fostering a passion for learning.


Collaborative Learning

Remember the days of group study sessions? Our philosophy with the Group Learn structure is that the best way to learn is to teach. Our tutors will facilitate collaboration with students in the program, which challenges them to think critically and solidify their knowledge of the material.

Small Group Experience

Groups consist of no more than 4 students. This allows us to tap into new teaching and learning strategies not normally available in our superb 1-to-1 structure. 

Learn Together with Friends & Family

You'll finally be able to invite friends and family to your study sessions without fear of losing focus. Our coaches and tutors help provide the structure to each Group Learn study session.