Creating Lifelong Learners

developing Learning Skills & motivation through Academic & ACT/SAT tutoring

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Our goal is to create lifelong learners by developing learning skills and self-awareness through coaching and collaboration.


BrightBrain Learning'S PROGRAM Benefits:

  • building Self-Regulated Learning skillS


  • Nonjudgmental Teaching

  • highly trained educators & Coaches

  • adapted to each student


  • Research-Based

  • Common Core Ready

  • 1-on-1 or small group (2-4 students)

  • Convenient for you

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The BrightBrain Program

Students are set up for lifelong success in our Individual 1-to-1 teaching program as well as within collaborative group learning sessions.


Everyone learns differently. We help our students find what skills and strategies work best for their unique personalities. With learning made easier, our students really find what they're truly passionate about.

Whether your student needs help with their math or science courses, or they are aiming to boost their ACT/SAT test scores, or are looking for skills to make learning more enjoyable, we can help. Get your child started with some of the most unique tutors in Orange County.


Our Core

focus ·  innovate ·  communicate


Help us Grow

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