The BrightBrain Benefits

Self-Regulated Learning Skills

Based on our Creating Lifelong Learners Curriculum, we focus on improving the learning-centric behaviors of our students. We work with our students to improve their study skills, organizational skills, time management, communication, and other important domains that could affect their learning. Based on our years of experience in Psychology and Education, we encourage specific behaviors that we have found to foster learning. We don’t just teach material or provide homework help, we also teach the skills students need for self-motivation and for life-long learning.


Nonjudgmental Teaching

Our students won’t be afraid to ask for help or let us know when they are not understanding the material. We encourage them to communicate and ask for help.


Common Core

The addition of the Common Core standards emphasizes deeper learning and critical thinking skills in math and science. We’ll help your child acquire the skills needed to apply what they learn to newer concepts. Our science and math tutors come familiar with Common Core techniques and strategies. They’ll help your child know the ins and outs of Common Core.


Convenient for You

We work with you wherever is most convenient for you. We work with your schedule and go to your home, or you come to us.


A StudyPlan for Each Student

We use the SMART Goal system to create a structured plan for each of our students. We make sure to provide checkpoints to assess for progress and make sure that we are meeting you and your students' realistic expectations.


Adaptable & Modern

Our curriculum and teaching are designed to be adapted to each student. We also take down important data to make sure our approach is working. We know times are changing; we want to be right there at the convergence of Education, Technology, and Mental Wellness.



We base our program on strategies found in “Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success” by Drs. Seli and Dembo, "Mindset" by Carol Dweck, principles of modern behaviorism, cognitive behavioral work, collaborative problem solving, and social cognitive theories.



It's important for us to create a consistent environment for our students in order to really see change and improvement. We collaborate with everyone—from parents, to teachers, and of course, the students.


Standout Tutors

We recruit only the best tutors who are currently enrolled in or have completed a teaching credential program or a counseling program. Not only do our tutors know their stuff, they also can teach it in a way that your child can understand.



Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Related, and Time-Based. Those are the guidelines that we set with all of our students and families and the guidelines by which we measure our progress.


A Systems-based Approach

We take a systems-based approach to helping our students; we take into account what factors might affect the student.