Types of Procrastinators

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Types of Procrastinators

by Chantal Lozano

The end of the academic year is right around the corner and this is about the time when procrastination feels so right. There are so many things to do in so little time to do them; so many reasons to do everything else but your most important assignments.

Inspired by a comic by Angela Liao, find out which type of procrastinator you are.

1) The Cleaner

Although not exactly a neat freak, you typically choose cleaning over homework. While the dishes need washing, you find the living room needs dusting, laundry needs washing, and your room needs rearranging.

2) The Panicker

Anxiety surpasses you. You imagine every worse-case scenario before anything even happens. Instead of actually getting started, you dream of the dreadful remarks your professor and your peers will make and the horrid final product of your assignment, discouraging you. You know you have to do it but would rather not do it at all.

3) The List Maker

– You are smart enough to prioritize but not motivated enough to stick to it. You end up completely neglecting the list or you justify why you should do other things before your assignments.

4) The Napper

You like naps.

5) The Sidetracker

You know what you are supposed to be doing. In fact, you have your books, notes, paper, pen, and laptop in front of you but you end up shopping on Amazon, planning summer activities, or getting hungry so you call up a friend to grab a burger somewhere.

6) The Social Sharer

Whether or not you spend a lot of time on social media sites, you end up on them during your busiest times. You take a cute selfie and #procrastination and #collegelyfe hoping to generate some conversation with friends and some contact with the outside world.

7) The Internet Researcher

Like the Social Sharer, you seek life and activity outside your assignments. While you find yourself on sites like Youtube to watch the clip of the lamb teaching a bull how to headbutt or the three-year-old Mexican child arguing with his mother: “Linda, honey, listen!”, you argue how these videos are relevant to your assignments.

8) The Snacker

Out of boredom or just a means of distraction, you choose to eat over doing any work. The Snacker also prefers to daydream about food than working, too.

9) The Gamer

Whether it is a video game or a new cell phone app, you swear you find more motivation to work if you can get to the next level.

10) The Watcher

Catching up on your favorite show or re-watching episodes you have seen about ten times, it’s all the same. You promise to get to work after one more episode.

11) The Delegator

This one applies mostly to group work. You try to help in spreading out the work between you and your members. Secretly you give yourself little to no work, or just the easiest parts of the assignment, hoping no one will notice.

12) The Perpetuator

At the end of the day after hours of cleaning, napping, online shopping, or eating, you find there is little time left that evening until the next morning. You decide to do your work tomorrow. Same thing happens the next day and the day after that until the night before it is due.


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