The Family’s Impact on Learning

John Bunyi Blog

The people we consider “family” play a huge role in our lives and how we have come to be in the world. If we play the role of “family” in someone else’s life, we can influence their decisions whether we mean to or not. In this article, we take several perspectives on the importance of appropriate involvement in the lives of those we care about.

Why the SAT is Changing

Kristoffer Blog

In 2016 the SAT will undergo another facelift, one more than the nip and tuck in 2008. If the SAT changes as much as College Board President Coleman promises, the 2016 test will be almost completely different from its predecessor. So what’s the change and why now? Here are a few reasons along with the changes College Board is making in response.

Budget Crisis of the American University

Jonathan Blog

For the college student, budget cuts are not unheard of. Tuition keeps on going up and every semester more and more classes are getting cut. Even if professors do their best to fill up their classes with as many students as possible, there are still a lot of students struggling to get into a class. How far are universities willing to go?