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Got an iPad for the Holidays? Or maybe you’re trying to figure out if the iPad is right for your student? Or just thinking about getting Apple’s latest and greatest to help make your lesson plans? Using your iPad appropriately is important, and it all boils down to having the right apps. Here’s our Holiday App Guide for apps to help you make the decision and start getting work done.

Life of a Test Taker: Day 33— Burnouts, Venting, and Distractions; How I Study

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Frustration. That’s what a lot of people feel when they study— especially when they study too much. It’s definitely relative; what’s too much studying for one person can be a light afternoon read for another. We’re all prone to burnouts, we’re only human. It happens when we’re tired of doing something and don’t want to do it anymore. It happens at work, at school, with relationships, and heck even when we hear the same song on the radio over and over again. And most definitely when we study.

Budget Crisis of the American University

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For the college student, budget cuts are not unheard of. Tuition keeps on going up and every semester more and more classes are getting cut. Even if professors do their best to fill up their classes with as many students as possible, there are still a lot of students struggling to get into a class. How far are universities willing to go?

Google Debuts “Google Play for Education”

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Google has added a new site for apps focused on education. Google’s Android tablets have yet to reach the popularity that Apple’s iPad has, particularly in the classroom. Mainly, there’s been a lack of big-name apps that offer what those on iOS do. To help facilitate things, Google has opened a new Play Store which helps educators find the best apps for them and their students alike.

Day 28: Call Me Ready – The Life of a Test Taker

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The Life of a Test Taker Day 28: Call Me Ready by John Bunyi Tweet This article is one in a series of posts that I will be writing while studying for the GRE. I hope to bring you into my world, and the world of many others taking a big, important test. credit:University of Utah I’ve never drank this …

Getting to Know BrightBrain Learning

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Getting to Know BrightBrain Learning Written by John Bunyi Tweet BrightBrain Learning’s mission is to tear down the barriers to learning and facilitate growth in staff, students, educators, and the community. As tutors, we are determined to be the very best in our business. We focus on the individual learning process as much as the content we teach. As advocates …

10 Tips to Reduce Test Anxiety and Stay Confident

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10 Tips to Reduce Test Anxiety and Stay Confident Written by Kristoffer Quiaoit Tweet How’s your test “swag”? Confidence can mean the difference between a ‘B’ and an ‘A’ on the test or passing and failing. Those who have swag tend to do much better than their counterparts. And those that don’t, tend to label themselves as “bad test-takers.” However, …