6 Study Tips for Finals Week

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6 Study Tips for Finals Week

by Grammar Bee

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With the end of the semester getting closer, Finals are around the corner. That means stressful times are approaching. In order to prevent the well-known Finals week stress, students can begin studying early to avoid the blood, sweat, and tears that accompany examination week. Here are a few tips to avoid stressful studying during the end of the semester:

1. Studying in Advance
Begin studying two weeks before the test. During finals, students stress about not having enough time to study. That is why it is important to begin studying well in advance before an exam. Try to begin studying two weeks before your exam. Give yourself and hour and a half every day for two weeks to review a section of your notes. Studying in advance will lift the pressure of not having a significant amount of time to cover confusing material.

2. Organizing Your Notes
Organize your time studying. Make sure you set aside that hour and a half everyday; you can make a calendar, write in your planner, or leave post-it notes on your mirror to remind you to study.

3. Clarifying What is Confusing
Understand what does not make sense. If you are unsure about something in your notes, ask a classroom buddy to clarify. You can also talk to your professor after class, during office hours, or send them an email. Creating clarity in your notes is important; you do not want to study the wrong material.

4. Knowing Your Study Method
Know what works for you. Everyone has different study methods; be sure to find yours. Whether its flash cards, making acronyms, or rewriting your notes, find out what helps you remember best and repeat, repeat, repeat.

5. Reviewing Your Knowledge
Coordinate a review session with other students. Once you feel comfortable about the material create a study-group with your classmates. The best way to remember something is to explain it yourself thoroughly; if a classmate is having a hard time with a specific concept and you know the information, your explanation will be beneficial to both.

6. Going into the Exam
Remember to relax. Before going into an exam, remember to sleep well the night before and eat breakfast the day of the exam. Right before the exam make sure you try to stay calm and answer every question. Sometimes it is helpful to make little notes on the exam to remember formulas or definitions.

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