Google Debuts “Google Play for Education”

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Google Debuts “Google Play for Education”

Google adding focus to using tablets in the classroom and in education

by John Bunyi

Google Play Education
Google has added a new site for apps focused on education. Google’s Android tablets have yet to reach the popularity that Apple’s iPad has, particularly in the classroom. Mainly, there’s been a lack of big-name apps that offer what those on iOS do. To help facilitate things, Google has opened a new Play Store which helps educators find the best apps for them and their students alike. There are even tools for educators that make it easier to buy apps in bulk. It also caters to developers who have an awesome idea for education-focused apps. This is intriguing for schools and educators alike because Google’s tablet offerings have traditionally been much more wallet friendly than Apple’s offerings.  Also, with a new website showcasing tablets and apps curated by certified teachers, this may just be what Google needs to help get into the education market.

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