Budget Crisis of the American University

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Budget Crisis of the American University

by Jonathan Lugo

For the college student, budget cuts are not unheard of. Tuition keeps on going up and every semester more and more classes are getting cut. Even if professors do their best to fill up their classes with as many students as possible, there are still a lot of students struggling to get into a class. How far are universities willing to go? In an article published on Slate, Rebecca Schuman takes a look at two universities taking drastic measures. The Minnesota State University Moorhead and the University of the District of Columbia are considering removing close to half of their departments entirely; some of which might include English, Physics, and History. Instead of making budgets cuts evenly among faculty, staff, services, and administration, whole academic departments have to suffer. How will this transpire for other universities and even community colleges? Even in community colleges, there isn’t enough money to offer the amount of classes needed to support the amount of students flowing in. There’s a lot of pressure on the universities, but what’s more reasonable for them, more funding in gourmet amenities to attract more students, is not always best for everyone. New gyms and fancy cafes are nice, but universities shouldn’t focus on these glamorized luxuries for students, the whole point of going to school is to increase one’s personal wealth of knowledge.
Read Rebecca’s full article on Slate here: “A Ghost Town with a Quad

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