Beach Outings, Pool Parties, and Summer Reading!!

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Beach Outings, Pool Parties, and Summer Reading!!

by Jonathan Lugo

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It’s Summer and school is out. Now’s the time to kick back and cool off from the heat and all the hard work of the school year. Although it’s important for your kids to take a break from school work, that doesn’t mean that they have to stop learning or engaging in activities that prevent their brains from turning into mush. Reading is a fantastic way to feed your child’s imagination and keep their minds active over the break. I must admit however, encouraging your child to read or even enjoy reading, if they don’t already, can be a bit challenging. But don’t worry, there are many things you can do to encourage them!

Make it Fun!

Reading should never be used as punishment. Reading doesn’t have to take place in a quiet room, in the middle of the day. It can take place by the pool, at the park, or even better at the beach. Find out what motivates your child and reward for reading a few pages or a chapter, or a whole book. Rewards can range from something small like ice cream to going out to the movies or the beach. It’s also important to offer a variety of books, mediums, and genres to read.

Find Favorite Books to Read

Share with your child the books you enjoyed reading when you were around their age. Also, find out what books they like to read. You can always find more books from the same author.

Find Out What Your Child is Interested In

What is your child interested in? Help them pick something they are going to want to read. There are many genres, topics, and mediums to explore. Not all reading has to be in a book format either. There are graphic novels, poems, magazines, online articles, and much much more. Whether your child is interested in surfing, Batman, technology, or music, you can always find a book about it in some way or another.

Summer Reading Programs

Check out your local libraries and book stores for events. Libraries usually have summer reading programs and events for kids of all ages. Orange County, CA Public Libraries has a calendar full of events this summer. You can check it out here. Even Scholastic and Barnes & Noble have reading incentives for summer reading that can help your child stayed motivated.

Finding out what events and programs are going on locally for you is just a simple internet search away. Good luck and happy reading!

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